Croquet is not just for the posh! Players come from all backgrounds, and young & old, male & female can compete on equal terms.

If you’ve not played before, here’s a short introduction:-

Our Croquet Division has been established for over fifteen years and is a member of the Croquet Association and the Yorkshire Federation of Croquet clubs. The Federation organises leagues in full lawn and short lawn association croquet and golf croquet. Ryedale at present takes part in the short lawn association league which in past years it has been able to win.

The group meets at 2pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the season which is from April to October. Tuesday is for Association only and both games can be played on Monday. Wednesday evening is available for those at work or school by arrangement.

As the four short lawns are in the outfield of the cricket ground most weekends are not available for play but occasional home or away matches are organised by arrangement.

Association Croquet is played with handicaps allowing inexperienced players some advantage. Tuition is given freely, and the Northern Croquet Academy in York has many courses to suit all players both in Golf and Association Croquet at all levels.

Come and join us and enjoy the fresh air, competition and good company!

Contact the Secretary/Chairman David Wilson on 01653 692207 or 07711 414902 or